30 oktober 2012

before you ask which way to go, remember where you´ve been

your facebook profile photo

a photo that makes you happy

a photo of the last place you went on a holiday

a photo of yourself a year ago

a photo of someone you always have fun with

a photo of yourself that was taken a few weeks ago

a photo that reminds you of last summer

a photo of something amazing

a photo of someone who knows you pretty well

a photo of a childhood friend

a photo of someone you love

a photo of somebody you can tell everything to

a photo of a someone that always understands you

a photo of one of your bestfriends

a photo of someone you'd like to be more often with

a photo from a crazy weekend

a photo of someone who mean the world to you

a photo of a quote you like

Jåå ja e onödiiig.


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